About Scotch Creek




The green revolution, specifically the mass adoption of electric vehicles has been a major driver for the increasing global demand for lithium.

Scotch Creek is an exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of strategic North American lithium properties. Scotch Creek’s mission is to become a best-in-class lithium exploration company situated in one of the hottest lithium districts in the world, Clayton Valley, Nevada. The company has 100% interest in two lithium projects in Nevada’s lithium hotspot: Clayton Valley.

Highland's West

Bordering Albermarle's Silver Peak mine and Pure Energy's Lithium Project.

Macallan East

Bordering Pure Energy's Lithium Project

Clayton Valley, Nevada, has become a North American hub for lithium exploration and production with various public companies establishing their footprint in the region:

Pure Energy minerals

It has entered into an agreement with energy giant Schlumberger to further develop their lithium brine production. This agreement validates the economics and also the advancements of brine exploration in the Clayton Valley. Pure Energy has developed an open pit design and mining plan that projects a 40-year minimum mine life, and are currently working on plans for a pilot plant to refine extraction technologies. (lithium clay).

Enertopia Corporation

It has a narrow land position between Cypress and Noram. They have an established 100 million tonne resource from 4 drill holes at a 400 ppm Li cutoff.

Albemarle Corporation’s silver Peak (NYSE:ALB)

It is the only lithium mine in Noth America.

Scotch Creek Highlands West
Noram Ventures Inc. (TSX-V:NRM)

It is working on its fifth round of drilling and they have announced a resource of 300 million tonnes of >900 ppm Li. The current drilling program is on track to more than double that resource. 

Cypress Development Corp. (TSX-V:CYP)

It recently completed a PFS and has plans for feasibility study later this year. 

Spearmint Resources Inc. (CSE:SPMT)

Spearmint, with property just south of Cypress, completed a drill program in November and has announced high grade lithium intercepts. 

Scotch Creek MaCallan East
Total space (Acres)Total Value ($, in millions)1601,1603,000525,4301399,14082123

Additional Project Highlights

Roads & Infrastructure

Access to year round roads and infrastructure

Limited Exploration

Limited exploration has been completed on Scotch Creek’s land package in Clayton Valley - An area that is greater than that of Cypress, Noram, Enertopia and Spearmint combined.

Nevada is Ranked 1st Out of 83 Jurisdictions

Nevada is ranked 1st out of 83 jurisdictions in Fraser Institute’s 2018 Worldwide Survey of Mining Companies for Investment Attractiveness

Proven Lithium Jurisdiction

Resource potential in an area surrounded by proven resources

Continued Promising Exploration Results within the Clayton Valley District


  • American Lithium Corp. (C:LI), 495 million tonnes at 1,000 ppm
  • Cypress Development Corp. (C:CYP), 593 million tonnes at 1,032 ppm
  • Noram Ventures Inc. (C:NRM), 166 million tonnes at 900 ppm
  • Spearmint Resources Inc.(C:SMPT), assays of up to 1,840 ppm